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Bike Selling Tips

In order to make it easier for you to sell your used bike in quick time, Apnibike.com has decided to provide you with some valuable bike selling tips. These tips are available to all our customers in Pakistan so that they can sell their used bikes at high rates without any hassle. By following these tips you can meet or even exceed your expectations in selling a used bike. So follow these tips and get the most out of your used bike.

1. Fix the Price Competitively

The first thing you should do is to fix the right price for your used bike. It should not be too high but at the same time it should earn you a good value. Always study the market thoroughly until you sure about what would be a good price for your used bike. Also, see what other sellers demand for the likes of your bike on ApniBike.com.

2. Advertise Your bike Properly

The next thing is to describe your bike properly when placing an ad at ApniBike.com. Remember, you advertise your to attract the buyers, therefore, it must include everything that the buyers need to know before purchasing it. Start with the basic information like year, model, and engine size then list the manufacturer, date of registration, body style, color and total mileage. Be honest in describing your bike as it leaves a positive impression on the buyer’s mind. Mention if your bike is accidental or if the book is duplicate. Also mention if bike tokens are not up to date.

3. Take the Best Pictures of Your bike

A picture plays great role in pulling buyers to your bike. Take the best picture of your to display at ApniBike.com. You can place maximum ten pictures at ApniBike.com, so shoot from the most important angles.

4. Answer Any Queries Posed

Once you have posted the ad get ready to answer any question or query posed to you about your bike. Buyers always ask a number of questions but you will quickly come to know who’s interested and who’s not, therefore, answer them very patiently and honestly.

5. Give Them A Test Drive

No one would want to test drive your used bike if he is not interested, only a potential buyer would ask for that. So, make your bike available for a test drive or just take it to a mechanic so that buyer can make his satisfaction.

6. Negotiate the Price

The buyer may be completely satisfied with your bike’s condition and everything but he may want you to lower the price a bit so that he could afford it easily. You will have to be flexible enough to negotiate the price with the buyer. You are not required to give up the value of your bike but you can lower it to some extent.

7. Transfer the Title Carefully

You will have to be very careful when transferring the title, get to know the correct procedure to do that. Once it is done properly, you are free from any liability in future.

8. Complete the Financial Transactions Properly

Be very careful when making financial transactions; do not accept any personal checks, always ask for cash or a certified check. You can also make an electronic transfer.

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