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started by kingofkasur at 08:06:22 am on May 31, 2012 in Bike Reviews
R 1200 RT and the R 1200 ST have been designed for dramatically reduced weight compared to the preceding models as well as an impressive boost in maximum power from the all-new 1170cc, four-valve-per-cylinder Boxer twin.
the new Boxer engine produces 110 hp, 15 hp more than the outgoing R 1150 RT’s — and even 10 hp more than the R 1200 GS’s engine — while retaining a broad, flat torque curve. Moreover, the R 1200 RT weighs an astounding 70 pounds less than the R 1150 RT, while the R 1200 ST undercuts the R 1150 RS by an amazing 55 pounds
As on the R 1200 GS, the RT/ST engine employs the latest BMS-K engine management system. This is a completely integrated fuel- and spark-delivery system that uses sophisticated electronics fed crucial information by a host of sensors throughout the motorcycle. Anti-knock control allows the use of mid-grade fuel without risk of engine damage yet also maintains peak engine output when it is fed premium fuel. In this way, there are no compromises; the engine does not need to be “detuned” in the event premium fuel is not available.

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